About Coastline Cottage Home Watch

Karen Curtin, Owner Coastline Cottage Home Watch

While I am a native Bostonian we, as a family have also lived in Upstate NY, and the Mid Atlantic and Florida. So having homes in these areas we had to deal with building, renovating, weather issues, landscaping, pool maintenance and all the many issues of homeownership brings.

I have recently decided to completely renovate and reconstruct our vacation home in Florida. In doing so ran into many challenges of “surprises” that come with leaving our slice of paradise unattended or watched by neighbors or friends. We are no longer at a point “hoping” people are watching over our investment as we would.

Following the past hurricane we came back to our Florida home to find it needed 4,000. In repairs, at that moment I decided to take a hands on approach to the maintenance and upkeep that is needed to make sure our investment and family getaway remains a pleasure rather than a chore.

During the Hurricane I wish I had someone that I could get in touch with that could keep me updated to what was happening in real time. So now I am that person and decided to start Coastline Cottage for others in our position. I have a background in visual consulting, quality inspection as well as decorating and design. I try to get ahead of problems before they become major problems. I believe in customer service being a top priority.  I will be accessible to all of my clients who can’t be here.

I decided also to partner with NHWA to make sure I am offering you the very best service in Home watch services.  With the resources I now have access to makes me confident that I can help watch over your home away from home.


I have been married for 29 years have 3 children 2 College grads and one in his senior year. So we are now  “empty nesters”.

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